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After PCB Manufacturing is complete, electronic components must be attached to form functional circuit board or sometime called printed circuit assembly (PCB or PCA). An electronics assembly technician assembles electronic products in manufacturing plants. This is an entry level position where an employee must learn about numerous types of electronic components and assembly produces.

An electronics assembly technician assembles parts for circuit boards, circuit breakers, switches and other electronic equipments. He may perform different task according to company work orders and drawings, such as technical illustration and mechanical blue prints. Electronic assembly includes soldering & crimping tasks.


End of training program you will be able to:

  • Identify electronic components symbols & their footprints
  • Identify components & their values
  • Understand about Bill of Material
  • Knows about different type of component insertion techniques
  • Soldering/Desoldering of electronic components
  • Knows about different types of PCB assembly machines
  • - Cutting & Bending
    - Wire striping
    - Wire cutting
    - Lead cutting
    - Carbonize Blade

  • Able to handle soldering work station includes magnifier, tool kits, cleaners, storage racks, plastic bins etc.
  • Able to understand the concept of E.S.D protection wearing like, footwear, gloves. Wrist band etc.
  • Handling of electronic board properly to avoid them from damage. Such as use packaging bags, storage racks, trolleys etc.
  • Understand the quality process
  • Health & safety consideration


  • Basic Electronics:- Component identification, current ,voltage, resistance & power units & their abbreviations
  • PCB manufacturing process
  • Electronic manufacturing process
  • Introduction of manual and automated insertion technique of electronic component on PCB
  • Industrial aspects
  • - Soldering aids
    - Printed circuit board preparation
    - Component preparation
    - Constructing a soldering joint
    - Common defects in soldering joints such as dry solder, soldering point etc.
    - Desoldering

  • Quality Process
  • SMT technology
  • Solder flux and heat sink
  • Safety in the work area
  • - Generic precautions
    - Specific precautions
    - Follow the safety rules

  • Industrial visit
  • - PCB manufacturing plant
    - Electronic manufacturing unit


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