siita - Electronics Industrail Traningin Program
Makes you perfect in Electronics through
Job oriented Industrial Training Program with Experts

Summer / Winter Training Program >> Training At SIITA

  • It's a perfect way to start off with micro controllers and the embedded system domain.

  • Get experienced with 8 bit PIC micro controller.

  • Learn the microcontroller’s programming via embedded C language, In-depth knowledge of embedded software and programming.

  • Get a chance to work with Industry experts in Embedded Systems and develop project of your Choice.

  • Join the SIITA ROBOTICS Club and major advantages for technical competitions and many more.

  • It's a perfect way to start off with PCB Design.

  • Get experienced with Single layer and Multi Layer Designs.

  • Get the hands on manufacturing process of PCB in live production unit.

  • In-depth knowledge of Design and production basics of PCB.

  • Get a chance to work with Industry experts in PCB Designs and Production and develop design of your Choice.

Industrial Exposure

  • Industrial Visit to manufacturing plant for PCB Production and Assembling.


  • After completion of the course a training certificate will be provided by SIITA which is valued by industry.
  • A certificate of “INDUSTRIAL SUMMER TRAINING” will also be provided upon completion of training and submission of report on training.

Free Gift

  • 40 Pin PIC Programming and application development board with 5V Power supply.
  • SIITA Gold Card Membership.
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