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Summer / Winter Training Program >> PCB Design Training Program

SIITA comes out with exhaustive hands on Summer/Winter Training Program on PCB Design based on the actual industry demands. The course is aimed at growing demand of Professionals in the industry. The program is an ideal foundation for Engineering, Diploma and Science students striving to enter this exciting field of modern Electronics.

Why Training in PCB?

  • Printed circuit boards are at the heart of every electronics circuit.
  • The smaller size and more functionality designs need very smart PCB Design.
  • Indian PCB industry is growing at a very fast pace with a total production of 50 million Sq. m. and a turnover of USD 450 million.
  • 45% of total production is exported as of now.
  • Majority of applications require smaller feature size and multi – layer designs.
  • The design should be of mixed technology and should be operating at very high speed.
  • Use of increased automated approach to minimize the design time.

Course Module :

  • Fundamentals of electronics
  • - Fundamentals of Electronics, The electronics Components and their consideration in circuit design
    - Introduction to analog and digital circuits
    - Introduction to various measurement tools
    - Use of breadboard/ bare PCB for designing, assembling, soldering and mounting of components
    - Testing of Assembled circuit

  • PCB Design
  • - Introduction to Printed Circuit Boards and their design.
    - Component Identification, Collection of Database, Component symbols and their footprints.
    - Understanding the circuit Schematic.
    - Introduction to consideration of creating a new PCB.
    - Start of a New PCB creation.
    - Browsing footprints libraries.
    - Setting up the PCB layers.
    - Design rule consideration.
    - Track width selection.
    - Component selection.
    - Track routing.
    - Polygons.
    - Output Generation.

Industrial Exposure

  • Industrial Visit to manufacturing plant for PCB Production and Assembling.


  • After completion of the course a training certificate will be provided by SIITA which is valued by industry.
  • A certificate of “INDUSTRIAL SUMMER TRAINING” will also be provided upon completion of training and submission of report on training.
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