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Summer / Winter Training Program >> Embedded Systems [Duration: 4 / 6 Weeks]

SIITA comes out with exhaustive hands on Summer/Winter Training Program on Embedded Systems, ROBOTICS and PCB Design based on the actual industry demands. The course is aimed at growing demand of Embedded Professionals in the industry. The program is an ideal foundation for Engineering, Diploma and Science students striving to enter this exciting field of modern Electronics.

Why Training in Embedded Systems?

  • The Indian semiconductor and embedded design industry is projected to grow from $3.3 billion in 2005 to $43 billion in 2015.
  • This tremendous rate of growth will require a large number of skilled professionals. There will be a demand of 6 lacks professionals till 2015.
  • Many MNCs are turning into design houses for Embedded Systems and there is lots of export opportunity.

Course Module :

  • Fundamentals of electronics
  • - Fundamentals of Electronics, The electronics Components and their consideration in circuit design
    - Introduction to analog and digital circuits
    - Introduction to various measurement tools
    - Use of breadboard/ bare PCB for designing, assembling, soldering and mounting of components
    - Testing of Assembled circuit

  • Embedded Systems and ROBOTICS (Using PIC Micro Controller and Embedded C)
  • - Introduction to Embedded Systems
    - Introduction to Microprocessor and Microcontroller and their architecture and differences
    - Introduction to digital electronics, PIC Microcontroller’s, SFRs, PORTs
    - Introduction to TRIS, Internal Registers, Clock, in circuit serial programming, etc.
    - MPLAB IDE and HI-Tech C Compiler
    - Designing application for Handling Output Device e.g. LED with Microcontroller
    - Designing application for generating pattern on LED array using Microcontroller
    - Designing application for handling input from switch using microcontroller
    - Internal Timer & Counter Module of PIC Microcontroller and using it in programme
    - The PIC Interrupt and its sources, Interrupt Service Routines (ISR) of PIC
    - PIC Internal Analog to Digital Conversion (ADC) module
    - PIC internal PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) module
    - PIC internal memory EEPROM Module
    - PIC USART communication with PC
    - Introduction to stepper Motor, DC Motor, servo motors
    - Introduction to Differential Drive of ROBOTS and writing programme for it
    - Introduction to IR sensor, Photodiodes, Temperature sensor, Motion sensors, etc.
    - Project on ROBOTICS/Embedded Systems/PCB Design

Industrial Exposure

  • Industrial Visit to manufacturing plant for PCB Production and Assembling.


  • After completion of the course a training certificate will be provided by SIITA which is valued by industry.
  • A certificate of “INDUSTRIAL SUMMER TRAINING” will also be provided upon completion of training and submission of report on training.
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